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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cranio-Sacral Therapy = Massage?

So, Chris's maternal Grandmother offered for us to get Carter a baby massage.  She heard of someone great and offered to pay for a few sessions.  I guess this lady works with a lot of babies and toddlers, especially ones with disabilities.  So I got all excited, scheduled the appointment, and took Carter this morning.  It was down in Sugarhouse, in a quite cute building with big windows and lots of trees and greenery.  I took him in, and immediately knew something was a

The office had Buddhas all over, incense, candles, pictures, curtains, and more.  I was a little leery but we proceeded to the appointment.  She took us into a well lit room with a massage bed, chairs, along with all the previous mentioned decorations.  I was hesitant, but interested to see what she would do.  Well, she proceeded to pretty much just put her hands or fingers on the back of his neck, head, back or legs.  I'm not sure what exactly she was doing, but she talked to me through most of it.  She used a lot of terminology I wasn't familiar with, so I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Carter rolled over to one side and instantly fell asleep while she worked on him.  I think she thought it was because of her powers or what-not, but I think it was nap time and he was comfortable.  So after an hour of chatting (she was a super nice lady), she told me to see if I notice any changes, and if I do, to come back.  She gave me a pamphlet called Counseling & Craniosacral Therapy and her business card- she is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  That explains why she was so nice.  I guess the building holds mostly massage therapists, a tattoo artist, and meditation experts.  Interesting.  Should we go back?

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