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Thursday, April 7, 2016


A lot has happened since I last blogged, so this might be a little dense.  We had Valentine's Day which was uneventful because of being sick, but the kids got cute Valentine's and I helped with Sierra's preschool party by having the kids decorate heart sugar cookies and play bingo.  Then we had our 7 year wedding anniversary, and we went on a date.  I got a cute eco flower bouquet and got Chris a month pass at the indoor shooting range nearby.  We were able to go on a nice date.  Sierra and I went swimming at the Clearfield Rec Center and we all visited the zoo, still a bit chilly that day.  Time sprung forward and yay, spring time!!  More walks outside and playing in the backyard.  All the kids saw the dentist, and it was the first time Sierra had x-yrays, a full thorough cleaning and fluoride, and she did it all!  I was so proud of her.  Tax return time is also great, we bought a new couch which was very needed.  Our old one was so worn out and falling apart.  We also had the carpets cleaned in most the house, got a giant banana rocking chair for Carter, and a mattress for Sierra, and mounted our TV on the wall for safety.  Sierra is now in a big girl bed which she loves!

We were all sick for awhile which wasn't fun- we got a stomach bug that was passed around, and then Carter got influenza from school we think.  It took him about 1 1/2 weeks to get better.  He lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks which was 10% of his body weight, so that was kind of scary.  Thank goodness for Pedialyte, his G tube and his sweet temperament!  Keaton started walking which is just wonderful!  I honestly didn't think it was going to happen as his 2nd birthday is approaching.  He still will crawl occasionally, but he is doing great!  Easter was a beautiful day, we got some cute pictures of the kids even though just Sierra and I went to Grandma's and her Easter egg hunt, since Carter was still sick and Keaton had a cold.  

Sierra started talking time once a week, which is a speech program with 5-6 centers that have games, that meets every Tuesday after preschool.  I go with her and work with her along with the speech therapists there.  Her main issues are articulation and baby talk, as well as her l's and s's.  We also got a family membership to the Tree house Museum in Ogden, it will be fun to check it out!  April has been a busy month because Sierra started swimming lessons twice a week and Carter started horse therapy in Bountiful.  I'm so glad I found a place for him, and even better, it offers scholarships!  He goes every Wednesday after school and just loves it!  It's called Hoof beats to Healing and they go to Bountiful once a week but is based in Saratoga Springs.  They use Missouri fox trotter horses that mimic a crawl in their gait.  Crawling is an essential learning skill as well as mapping for the brain because it connects both hemispheres.  So far Carter loves it!  They even let Sierra take a turn.  Jon & Jill had their first baby, a boy named Porter, my 6th nephew!  It was fun to see and hold him.
 We renewed our family membership to the zoo through Angel Hands Foundation, with a donation for them to auction.  They believe in paying it forward which is great.  Keaton has had multiple ear infections, and combined with the fact his speech is very delayed, he is getting ear tubes on the 22nd.  I'm hoping it will help him hear better if there is fluid trapped in there so he can make progress.  He also started feeding therapy at an outpatient IHC clinic because he isn't properly using his entire mouth when eating and is very picky.  They gave us a Nuk brush to use to help stimulate his mouth muscles for eating, and suggested we try licorice or slim jim's to strengthen his jaw as well.  Feeding issues usually go hand in hand with speech delays because it all involves the mouth.  They said it's good if he plays with his food and is exposed to as much variety as possible.  I had his yearly early intervention meeting today that involved a lot of questions and testing to see where he's at.  They said he throws things a lot probably because he gets distracted easily or doesn't know how things work.  We still definitely have things to work on in the speech, feeding and functional play areas.  I'm just so glad to see him walking!  At least I know he's making progress in one area.  He loves to swing outside with Sierra and go on the slide.  Right now he's getting his 2 year molars, so he isn't the happiest.  Plus we've been so busy lately he just gets dragged around with us.  We lost an aunt on the Thorup side this week quite unexpectedly.  It makes me grateful for families and all those that are in our lives.  I hope to make more time for those special people in my life and to keep involved with them.  We also had the benefit of Women's Conference and LDS General Conference this month.  Downton Abbey came to a close which was sad, but Call The Midwife is back and soon Reign and The Mindy Project:)  Also keeping my nightstand stacked with wonderful books!

Coming up:  A new niece, Keaton's ear tube surgery, Sierra's 4th birthday and a tea party with dolls: girls only!  

Things I want to do: Take a sign language class sometime and a parenting class The Incredible Years ages 2-8 which covers:  setting boundaries and appropriate discipline, setting expectations, nurturing their social/emotional needs, praise/incentives and more!