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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tooth Fairy & More

Carter has lost his first tooth!  It's so funny because we just saw the dentist and he noticed 2 bottom teeth that were loose and suggested numbing and pulling them out the next week.  Later that day we were in the car, and I noticed blood in his mouth and something white rolling around.  I fished it out and it was his little tiny tooth!  He seems so young to have lost a tooth, being only 4 1/2.  We might try pulling the other one out this weekend.  He looks cute with that little gap now.

Carter also had an xray at Shriner's in orthopaedics since it had been 18 months- his spine had a curve of 11 and you have to get a 10 to have scoliosis.  She didn't seem concerned though, and said it could have been how he was sitting.  So we will follow up in a year and see how it looks then.  His hips look great though and she was pleased how he is sitting, scooting and standing now.

We weighed and measured Carter, he is 38 lbs and 44 1/2 inches long.  Measuring his length can be tricky but we did it several times.  His dietitian didn't believe me, because that puts him at 95% for length and like 45% for weight.  He is a tall boy!  So we are going to be increasing the calories in his Pediasure to help support his growth.

Carter's CNA Brenda started on Monday, and today is the 2nd day he's gone with her for the day to play.  She takes him from 10 am to 4 pm and she seems really nice and caring.  I think he enjoys a new change of scenery and routine.  He's had a sinus infection, plus with teething he's been a little more ornery.  I am 34 weeks 3 days and so ready for this baby to come!  I have 32 days until I am induced!  Crazy.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

School is Out & 40 days!

School ended today for the summer, and it's honestly the day I have been dreading for months now.  Carter can be pretty fussy in the evenings if he gets bored, so I have been stressed about the long months of him being home all day in the summer.  Finding respite has been hard, but on Monday we have a CNA coming to the house to train to work with him.  We will see how that goes.  I am so much bigger with this pregnancy then last, I don't have the energy to lift Carter much or go outside for the kids to play.  Which is exactly what they want to do.  I could use the extra prayers that the kids will be content with what we can do this summer, and that they'll be content.

Coming up this summer:  Carter has most his annual doctor appointments this month so I can get it in before baby comes and school starts up again.  Carter has the dentist, an orthopedic appointment at Shriner's, Neurology and GI.  In the fall he has his eye doctor appointment.  Carter had an Eagle Eyes assessment, and we will look at that again in the fall.  I am hoping his teacher can implement it into his IEP so he can use it.

Looking back over Carter's last year of preschool, we have been blessed with Carter being pretty healthy.  He had a few sicknesses but nothing major.  He no longer needs his bi pap at night which is great, and he's been able to come off a few medicines.  We are still working on the sleeping all night thing, which I suspect will always be a challenge.  We also have family close by that really helps me out when I need it.  For the last month, I've had help getting Carter in and out of his wheelchair for school so I didn't have to lift him, and into bed at night.  It's been nice to have such support with Chris being gone more at school.  This is also a challenging time, having Chris gone more with a third kid coming soon.  Sometimes I wonder if it will be worth it, and I sincerely hope so.  Props to all the couples that got through school while married and having kids!  Seriously amazing.

So the countdown is on...40 days until I am induced with baby Keaton.  I am planning on being induced for the convenience, and because the baby has measured a little big.  I don't want him too big so if things go well and are progressing, we will be induced on July 14th- my due date is July 21st.  I've already packed the hospital bag most the way, made my lists for the last things, ordered some cute things off Etsy in preparation for his newborn photo shoot, buying diapers, etc.  It's fun to feel like things are finally getting close, and fun to pull out the little outfits and see Sierra aww over them.  I don't know when I'll be updating again, so wish us luck!