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Monday, May 4, 2015

Resources & Updates

Carter had his yearly appointment with Dr. Nancy Murphy, his comprehensive care doctor.  She was a bit surprised when he yanked her hair hard, which I was just about to explain to her he does.  She doesn't think he has a mean bone in his body, but she was surprised that he wouldn't let go even when asked to.  Stinker.  He's 75% in height and weight so doing well, he has chunked up a bit.  She was pleased with what he is doing and didn't need to make any changes.  I spoke with the social worker for some resources for the summer, which I'm still looking into.  Carter is registered to do horse therapy this summer, once a week.  That will be fun for him to do again.  I also just applied for HopeKids  who I was told do monthly movies for the family as well as other activities, and Push To The Finish  where they race with your child in their wheelchair.  I think Carter would love that since he loves going fast, and it's cool because it's like they are racing even though they can't physically run.  

Carter was able to get a family zoo pass through Angel Hands this weekend, who also sponsors his baseball games.  This month we have a meeting with Wasatch Adaptive Sports  Carter will be able to bike this summer and ski this winter in Snowbird with the family.  I'm excited for these cool new activities we get to try together.  It's so nice too that they involve the family.  It's hard to do things all together since all my kids have different abilities.  I'm also looking into Camp Roger and CAST which is Catch a Special Thrill.  It's a fishing day for special needs kids and their parents.  I also heard that the Salt Lake County Parks & Recreation department has a lot of things for kids with intellectual and/or physical disabilities.  I love finding out new things and resources for Carter to get involved in.

Update on Keaton:  Keaton had his 9 month appointment and he is 30% for weight and 50% for height.  Not as heavy as I thought he was.  We are doing a swallow study in a few weeks because he gags on his solids.  He also doesn't like people food or putting things in his mouth much.  I just want to make sure he isn't aspirating and he may possibly need OT to help with feeding.  It's interesting the path Keaton has taken, some of it very similar to Carter's.  They both wore helmets, both had physical therapy and swallow studies.  I'm not saying I think Keaton has a diagnosis or anything, it's just interesting.  I think it is also personality, because both boys are good natured and laid back.  We need to get Keaton motivated to move so Carter can't keep attacking him.  Keaton is a good baby, sweet and happy.  He still wakes up once at night and fights naps, but otherwise has the cutest bluest eyes and sweetest smile.  He has been a real sweet addition to the family.

Update on Sierra:  Sierra had her 3 year appointment following her My Little Pony party over the weekend.  She is 80-85% for height and weight.  I knew she was tall because she wears a lot of 4T dresses and pants.  She is pretty close to being potty trained and is talking more.  She loves apple juice and chocolate milk and dancing to music and wearing pretty clothes and shoes.  She loves to imitate people or things and when people ask her name she now says 'I Elsa'.  Lol.  She kisses Keaton a lot and calls him 'cute baby' and gives her brothers toys when they cry or are sad.  She loves to swing and jump on the trampoline.  She is full of life and so pretty and funny.

Carter's last day of school is June 4th, his preschool graduation.  We also have Disney Land next week.  We are still house hunting but no luck yet.  This weather has been beautiful and fun to be out in.