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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Baby Items I Love/Unsure About

I wanted to write about some things that I have observed from having just one baby, that seems to have helped a lot.  Carter LOVED the bouncer he had, he used it for probably about a year of his life.  That may sound crazy, but it's because he couldn't get out of it and he was content to sit up most of the day.  I would prop it up against the couch, to make it higher, so he could sit up in it.  Most websites I researched said it was fine to use as long as the baby wasn't trying to get out of it.
Some other things that Carter has loved, is his swing.  I still use it surprisingly, and he still mostly fits in it lol.  use it only when he is really upset and needs soothing, and holding him isn't working.
He had just one favorite toy for a long time, and unfortunately I couldn't find a picture of it.  It was from WalMart, and it just spins as they hold it.  He got really good at it, and would do it for hours.  His therapist said that spinning is a learned movement, and some kids get stuck in that when they aren't sure what else to do.  He also loves his Oball rattle, that is a great toy.  I have been trying to get a bigger one from the Red Balloon store, because I want him to use both hands.
Carter really loves the water, as long as it isn't too cold and not in direct sunlight haha.  The two times I went to swimming therapy, he enjoyed it until she made him work hard.  We have taken him swimming serveral times as a baby, and hope to more in the future.  He also loves to go on walks and to be in the car.  I think babies in general like soothing motions, which a car, swing or going on a walk does.

Carter is also sort of a picky eater I guess you could say.  Kids with 1p36 tend to eat mushy foods until ages 2-3, so I guess I shouldn't be too concerned.  He LOVES his whole milk, especially when we put Carnation in it.  Don't worry, his feeding specialist said that whole milk with carnation is BETTER in her opinion, than Pediasure.  And cheaper.  When she heard I was using it, she said she loved me.  LOL.

Carter loves his baby jars of food still, which is good for us.  Since my husband works evenings, I don't cook dinner for just me.  I really should make meals and then blend them up for him to eat, but so far I stick with the 3rd food jars.  He loves the spaghetti and lasagna ones.

I discovered a cool thing from seeing another Mom shopper at WalMart-she had a shopping cart/highchair cover.  It was super cute, and good to keep away germs!  I bought one, and I've used it a few times.  It straps to the child, so I was hoping this would help keep Carter up in a shopping cart.  But alas, not so.  I do try to use it when at restaurants though, and sometimes he will sit in the high chair good.  I think it makes him feel more secure or something.
I also found an awesome toy at WalMart.  One of the times that Carter was hospitalized at Primary Children's, the nurse gave us this toy.  He didn't seem to care too much, but I bought one and put it up in his crib.  Now he'll push the button to turn on the noises and sounds.  It is super cute-on the main setting, this monkey swings back and forth, the fish bubble, and it plays jungle music.  Other settings dim lights or play different music.  I LOVE!!
Kind of a random post, I know.  I just wanted to share some of the things that Carter has enjoyed.  He has a saucer that he played in for a little bit and he liked it.  He has a bumbo, which seemed to help him sit up when he was younger.  After about 8 months of age he got too big for it.  He has a Johnny Jump Up that he doesn't really use, he will generally just twist around in it instead of jumping.  Since he can't support his head very well still, it's hard for him to both stand up and keep his head up.  He also has a walker, but he usually just slumps forward in it.  As you can see, we are still trying to discover new things/toys for him to enjoy and learn with.

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