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Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Rolling Monkey/ Stander

This may sound kind of weird to some people, but for those that understand and have kids that are a little bit behind, you will appreciate this.  My little Carter is rolling over both ways all the time!  He can't make it all the way to his stomach, but he is finally rolling BOTH ways and he loves it.  It is soo cute!  It makes changing his diapers and clothes a little more difficult, but I love it.  His physical therapist was very pleased because he can roll both ways, plus is soo close to going all the way to his tummy.  She said any kind of purposeful movement is excellent progress.

We are now working on getting him (or tricking him) into rolling all the way to his tummy.  Our other small high five is that Carter will now push up more when on his stomach.  He usually would relax and take a nap, but now he actually tries to lift up his head or arms.  Progress!  When we get him on all fours, he can actually stay up that way for a little bit.  We have to put him there, but it makes me smile to see my little guy trying so hard.  We are so glad of his progress, even if it is small and few and long in between.  We get a stander tomorrow, so let's hope he tolerates it okay!  I'm guessing we'll have to put him in it a few times a day, for like 30 min.  We want him to not only stand, but strengthen his bones and ankles.


  1. Such sweet and powerful posts! Any success is sweet progress! It is with love and admiration that I say “Well done Heather! Well done!” Carter is lucky to have a down to earth mom who is rolling up her sleeves and ready for the long haul. Though it is a long road, a long haul, I know our Heavenly Father will bless him and you! Love you!

  2. Thanks Aunt Debbie, you are sweet!

  3. Wow Heather. You are such a strong woman. I'm sure you have your good and bad days when it comes to life. I do think so highly of you and your family. I want to let you know I find it wonderful how you want Carter to just feel loved, he will always be your baby and I feel he will and that he does know he is loved.
    Stay strong. I love your aunts comment! I second that...

  4. Whoo hoo!! No matter what progress it is, it is so awesome as a parent to see kids grow and change and take new stride. So awesome. He's just absolutely adorable.

  5. Seeing your child roll is a very exciting milestone! Sometimes we call Zoe's progress "inch-stones" since every milestone seems to be broken into the tiny steps involved that you might not even notice with a typical child. Sounds like Carter is making some great progress. And he is very cute :)