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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Seizures Seizures Seizures

Carter has been having seizures everywhere it seems.  I remember thinking we were so lucky because he just had them at home around us.  NOPE!  He had one in the car awhile ago, and we were getting on the freeway on ramp and we had to pull over to hold him.  Sometimes he will stop breathing, so it's nice to be able to hold him and that seems to help him calm down.  Well, since that he's had one in the car when it was just me, and I had to pull over again.  No bueno.  So then I thought, as long as it doesn't happen anywhere else.  Well....then he had one in sacrament meeting at church a few weeks ago, luckily it wasn't too bad.  Then he had a few more at church, and sometimes he will cry really hard, so I had to leave to walk him around.  So guess where else it has happened?  The swimming pool!  We went swimming yesterday and he had a pretty bad one- we pulled him out of his tube and the pool, and laid him down.  He had stopped breathing, and of course the people there stopped to stare.  Luckily he was okay, and most people are super nice about it.

We are waiting to meet with the Ketogenic diet doctor in July; I hope we can start this soon and that it works.  I just keep thinking that if we can get his seizures controlled, then he can make some good progress.  I really want him to succeed and move around, I think he would feel happier and more independent.  You know that point most moms gets sick of, when their baby can sit up but can't crawl top get toys they want?  They have to be entertained because they can't move?  Well, I am stuck in this stage for a while.  Sometimes it sucks, but sometimes I am grateful for the chance to have my little guy be my little baby for longer.  He has been on Keppra, and now is on Phenobarbital and Zonisamide.  It seems like he takes a lot of medicine, but it seems to help at least a little.  Before being on medicine, his seizures were a lot scarier.  Some days I just wish all seizures would go away, I hear of soo many kids that have them and I hate them!  It just seems to slow so many kids down, and I hate that.  Oh well.  We will take it one day at a time.

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