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Monday, March 5, 2012

Terrible Two's

It seems that Carter is in his terrible two's as they call it- that is my conclusion.  He sleeps good at night but never wants to nap and he'll just cry and cry to finally give up for maybe 20 minutes then wakes up again.  He is hard to keep entertained and happy for long periods of time, his moods are up and down all day long and he just seems like a stranger to me.  The past few months or so have been a difficult time with him.  I never know what he wants and can't seem to please him.  Being over 7 months pregnant makes it extremely difficult for me to hold or carry him, so what little I can do doesn't seem to be enough.  I feel like he needs a group of people just to keep him entertained all day long.  He sure has enough toys and books to keep any kid happy, but i'm sure since he can't pick and choose himself, so it makes him frustrated.

I try to put myself in his shoes when im frustrated and stressed- he can't move on his own, he can't talk and he can't just simply go get what it is he wants.  Parenting is always a guessing game of trying to figure out what they want and deciphering their cries- but this goes beyond the normal im hungry, tired and have a messy diaper.  This is more than that and I don't know what he wants.  I am exhausted by the afternoon and just wish he could be happy for longer periods of time.  He does have times where he seems content for awhile but then he fusses.  I have to admit, it's got me overwhelmed and wondering how in the world I'm supposed to do this with a newborn.  And I can't.  That's what family and friends are for- I know I can't do it alone and i'm okay asking for help.

We are still in the process of getting some kind of respite home care but insurance is slow going on that.  I already have it set up with my mother in law and mother that they will take care of Carter during the week so I can take care of the new baby for the first while.  While i'm grateful for any help I can get, I just don't know how ill ever be able to handle Carter as well as a new baby.  Is there anything anyone has given their child medication wise that helped them calm down through this transition or developmental phase?  Are there things that can help the terrible two's?  I don't know how to communicate with my child it's very frustrating.

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  1. That sounds really rough to go through that with a 2 year old that can't even point or move to get what he wants. But if it is the "terrible twos" I think it's just something they have to grow out of. Kyle is getting better, but I've learned before that it's called the terrible twos because they struggle with the need for help, and also the want to do it for themselves. I wish I knew what to tell you! Just keep being patient with him I guess. It sounds like you're doing awesome by stepping in his shoes.