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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Resources & Equipment Clinic

This past week has been a busy one as I've been calling around everywhere trying to get some help and resources for Carter.  A lot of my information is pertinent only to Utah so I won't share unless someone is interested in what I know.  We have submitted paperwork and records to Kids Only Home Health and are waiting to set up respite home care with them.  I'm not sure how often they will be coming or what they will be doing, but it should be set up by next week.  Insurance usually covers an hour a day, so a nurse will probably be coming out in the mornings to help me get Carter ready for the day.  I'll keep everyone posted on how it works.

We went to the equipment clinic today to get Carter a wheelchair and a bath chair.  Hopefully insurance will have it through within 90 days, I'm hoping a lot less than that.  I'll post pictures when it comes of course.  The one I ordered is foldable and will fit in our car- it will also be designed just for Carter in every way for his muscle tone and size.  Insurance will usually just cover 1 every 5 years, and the good thing is the wheelchair can grow with him and be replaced as needed.  This doesn't mean he won't ever walk, just gives us something great to transport him in with more support.  The bath chair is also adjustable in every way so it can grow with him as well- I'm excited for these things as I'm sure they'll be a great help to us.

Carter has been sick the past week and he has actually been quite a sweetheart.  It's almost like the cold has made him better or something.  I got the cold as well but not nearly as bad.  Poor guy.

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