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Monday, March 26, 2012

Genetic Testing, Home Health Care & upcoming events

My husband Chris and I were tested to see if we are carriers of 1p36 deletion syndrome, which would mean a 50% chance the rest of our kids could have it.  Both our tests finally came back normal.  Great news!  Carter is extremely unique and it must have been meant to be.

Carter has finally been approved after months for 27 hours of home health care with an aide over the next few months.  They will come to our apartment at designated times and days to play with him.  The aides are not able to administer medicine or feed him, but they can bathe him or play with him.  I'm still not sure exactly how this will work or how comfortable it will be, but hopefully Carter can get some more entertainment than I can provide.  I will keep everyone posted how this helps us.

Carter is also officially on the Division of Services for People with Disabilities (DSPD) waiting list.  I've heard of people that have been on it for over ten years, so i'm not extremely hopeful for results.  But at least I have him on there, one thing off my to do list.

Carter's wheelchair and bath chair should be coming next week and I am excited to get them.  We have noticed Carter seems more calm when he has straps across his chest like a car seat, so hopefully this will not only calm him down on outings but also keep him from getting out.  We've been using the same stroller since he was 3 months old, and now he has gotten so smart he will lean back and forth multiple times to get the stroller to move forward so he can touch things.  Clever little boy.  He is still trying to sit up all the time when in a lying down position; he is also laughing more and seems to enjoy more.  5 weeks and counting down to his little baby sister.......

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