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Friday, April 20, 2012

Bath Chair, Heart Update & Home Health

Carter's bath chair finally came in last week and he LOVES it!  It takes filling up the entire bathtub now but he loves to lay back and just splash and enjoy the water.  It's so nice that I don't have to hold him up myself while washing him.
Carter saw the cardiologist last month since they like to see him once a year.  The doctor said he couldn't even hear the little ASD he has and that everything sounded great.  A lot of 1p36 kiddos have heart defects or problems, so I am so grateful his seems to be great.

We've had an aide from the home health company come once a day for an hour in the morning- she will read books to Carter, take him on a walk, bathe him etc.  He seems to like her but always falls asleep about 30 min after she gets here.  We may need to tweak the time a little bit.  It's nice to have someone entertain him for a bit so I can clean or relax.

Carter has been doing a lot of new things lately- not all entirely functional but he's working on it.  He has been able to get up from a prone position if a pillow is under his head to sitting up.  For me that is huge!  He will use his arms to help himself get up which is great to see.  He is sitting up super steady lately and uses his hands to balance him if he is wobbly.  I frequently find him twisting or trying new positions which he ends up getting frustrated at because he ends up on his tummy a lot.  If we put him on all fours he can hold himself up pretty good for about 20 seconds, we do keep a hand on his stomach to steady him.  He also rocks back and forth a lot, throwing himself back against a cushion or forward into a pillow.  The therapist said this is normal as he is seeking sensory input, as long as he isn't hurting himself.

His wheelchair is all in except the chair- so we are still waiting on that.  Also waiting for Carter's cute little sister to come....any day now!


  1. Sounds like some wonderful improvements!

  2. Carter is getting much stronger. It's so exciting to hear about him sitting steadily and getting up to a sit by himself. Hard-won victories like that are worth celebrating. Speaking of celebrating, congrats on your new arrival as well. Hope everything is going great!