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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Happy Halloween 2011!  This picture is of Carter as The Hulk, next to him is his beautiful niece Brittlyn (11 months about) as a cute flower (her mom was a bee).  Next to her is Bradyn less than 3 months old as Darth Vader.  Then next to him is his brother Peyton, 2 1/2 years old as Chubaca.  My husband and I took Carter in a stroller trick-or-treating along with his 3 cousins, their parents and Grandma Devey.  We had a blast, especially watching Peyton try to enter all the houses and take candy.  Carter was good and mostly enjoyed the walk.  I enjoyed the experience, it reminded me of being a kid.

Thorup Halloween party- we threw on costumes right before the party.  I was a Queen fairy, Chris was Rambo and Carter of course The Hulk.  I had wanted to wear a skeleton shirt with a baby skeleton on it to show I was pregnant, but that didn't pan out.  People knew I was pregnant anyway I guess lol.

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