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Monday, November 28, 2011


Crying....I cringe when I hear it even when it's not my baby.  You would think my tolerance would be higher, but no it's not.  As soon as I hear crying I just want it to stop. 

Carter has been different lately, I don't know if it's a stage.  He cries more often during the day and at night.  Sometimes it is because of seizures and then he can usually calm himself down within a few minutes.  Other times, he will cry and then almost scream for up to an hour.  The difficult thing is not being able to communicate with my almost 2 year old and ask what's wrong.  I am still doing the guessing game, and trying to figure out the quickest and best way to help him.  The other frustrating part is that holding him or touching him usually makes him even more mad.  So our options are limited and we usually end up putting him in his swing or something and letting him cry it out.  Sometimes medicine works so I wonder if he is getting more teeth.  Our nights lately consist of him waking up at least twice crying- it's nice when he can calm himself down and fall back asleep but some nights that doesn't happen.  Being pregnant and already tired and not feeling well, my patience is already pretty thin.

His crying habits have already made us have to leave a few places or events, hoping that a car ride will calm him down.  My question now is- does he freak out in closer spaces that are loud or have lots of people?  He doesn't do well with church, but he loves going to the mall or stores.  I dunno?  I hope this stops soon, whatever this 'phase' is.  Since Carter's only way of communicating is by crying, that really is his only option to let us know something is wrong.  I wish he could at least sign to me but that's a long way down the road.  Anyone else have phases like this with their 1p36 child?  I hope that starting the ketogenic diet this week will provide some relief, even if that means less crying or less seizures.  I will be grateful for anything.

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