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Monday, November 14, 2011

Announcing Baby's Gender

We are having a baby girl!  Announcing our precious Baby Sierra due to arrive April 29th, 2012.


  1. Heather -

    I enjoyed reading about Carter and am inspired by your dedication and your struggles. Our 7-month-old son, Giovanni, was diagnosed with 1p36. He has been in the hospital, in the ICU, for the past 45 days, though he's better now, and we're hopeful he'll come back home in a week or so.

    It has been great to read blogs of parents with 1p36 kids, and my wife and I decided to start our own, largely as a way to connect with the 1p36 community internationally. Our blog is

    I haven't figured out how to add links to our blog yet, but, once I do, would it be OK to link to Carter's blog? Feel free to do the same, if you'd like.

    Congratulations on your 2nd pregnancy. Giovanni has an older sister (3.5 years older), Camila, and I think this will be a blessing for him, and a challenge for her (hopefully, a positive one). Sierra's age difference will be similar, but of course she'll be the younger sibling.

    Best of luck with everything, and thanks for your great blog.

    - Victor Hart

  2. Victor, of course you can link the blog to yours that would be great! I'll do the same. It helps to see other peoples' blogs that way. Thanks for your comment I really appreciate it. I hope your son Giovanni can go home soon. Has he always been in the hospital?

  3. Hi Heather - I've added Carter's blog to Giovanni's. Giovanni's first few months were at home. He got pneumonia 1 month and a half ago and for various reasons has been in the hospital ever since. We keep getting hopeful that he'll go home, but every time something else comes up. Yesterday, it happened again - suddenly he needed a 2nd gastrostomy, because there was leakage in the 1st. So I'm sure he'll be there for at least another week or two, sadly . . . Nice to be in touch with your family.