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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Carter is about 20 months, and he had his 1st dentist appointment.  It was rather quick because he is so young, and the dentist couldn't see any cavities.  He just has some plaque built up, so I need to be better at brushing his teeth.  He is rather difficult with that, because he has sensitivity issues and really gets upset when I brush his teeth.  No matter what brush I use, he tries to bite me and/or screams.  I guess it's just something I need to do and suck it up.  Once he has the G Tube in , depending how much he is eating orally, cavities shouldn't be an issue anymore.  But the dentist said kids with G Tubes tend to have a lot of plaque build up on their teeth, and that can also be caused by his anti seizure meds as well.  Interesting... And for those that are interested to know, his surgery is schedule for Friday, September 2nd.  The actual surgery takes maybe an hour overall including sedation and waking up time, and then he'll stay overnight to make sure all is well.  I'm taking a class later this month to learn more about the care and use of the G Tube.  So this month should be just regular therapy sessions, nothing new until next month.

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