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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Meeting New Friends & Nursery

So I had the privilege of meeting some new friends that have a child with 1p36.  It was so nice to be able to talk to someone that can really understand what I am going through.  Although our children are different ages, they have been there and done that.  I know every child's experience will be different, but it was still nice to talk to them.  It has been a process since Carter's diagnosis of finding people that live nearby.  Although the reports say that 1 in every 5-10,000 have this syndrome, I believe a lot are undiagnosed.  We are so lucky to have a family close by that we can get to know.  There are a couple of groups online that have helped me get in contact with other families.  Some are monitored and exclusive at who they let join, so it is private.  I like that. 

So, I think we have decided to let Carter go to Nursery.  He is 19 months old tomorrow, and we do need the break at church.  They said they will train just 1 person to take care of him, so I'm excited.  Plus, I'll be down the hall if anyone needs me.  I don't know how aware he is of people or things, but he will probably enjoy the music at least.  I will keep you all posted how he does.

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  1. Hey that is so awesome that he is able to go to Nursery and that you guys will be able to have a little break and go to classes. Just last week a new family moved into our ward, they have 2 children with cerebral palsy, one being in Nursery. They explained he has low muscle tone and doesn't walk or crawl. He knows a few signs, but that's about it for his communication. They also said he doesn't swallow well and he may pick up his snacks but they said not to count on him eating anything. His condition seems very similar to Carters. But he is just a sweet precious spirit and he's a joy to have in Nursery. I sure hope your Nursery leaders feel the same way about Carter. They really are special spirits that really do teach us so much about patience and compassion.