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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Besides horse therapy, this summer I wanted to put Carter back into physical therapy at the IHC Taylorsville Rehab clinic.  Once kids turn 3 they no longer get therapy through Early Intervention but in preschool.  School is out and I wanted to keep him busy.  The therapist had a lot of great ideas and was a wealth of knowledge as usual.  This ball she used to sit Carter on and move back and forth and side to side.  It is similar to riding a horse and works on trunk control.  She suggested sitting Carter on a book or Tumble form wedge (picture below) to get him to sit forward more and upright.  She suggested tying a band around his legs at the same time to keep them straight.  He tends to sit a lot while leaning back and splaying his legs out.  She said this is a very easy form of sitting.  While he has strong abs, his back is not.  She also wanted to figure out why he isn't bearing weight still.  With his foot injury we still aren't putting shoes or anything on him, but she suggested braces that go up higher on his leg.

His hips were fine so she thought it was probably his weak ankles that were preventing him from wanting to bear weight or stand up.  So with these braces he could possibly get better and we could try a gait trainer.  I hope it's a good direction, I would like Carter to walk someday.  We also discussed getting him to crawl properly instead of scoot.  That back and forth motion can be hard to learn for kids like him.  I am hopeful with weekly sessions and horse therapy that we can get him stronger in some areas.  Once preschool is back in the fall, he'll be super busy doing that and both therapies.

Carter also saw his eye doctor, GI doc and dentist and good news there.  We see Neurology soon to discuss his meds.  Still no seizures!

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  1. My son is turning a year old in 2 days and has a terminal deletion of 1p36. I would love to pick your brain about different things that have worked for your son, so I can help my son with his physical development. Feel free to email me at Hope to hear from you.