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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Horse Therapy

We finally got Carter in to horse therapy, goodness!  Thanks for a lot of donations he will be able to go all summer and then some in the fall.  He goes every Wednesday for 30 min at Courage Reins Therapeutic Riding Center in Highland, Utah.  I found them online and that they were cheaper than Park City.  Just to be clear, this isn't actual horse therapy- that would be very expensive with an actual therapist.  We would only be able to afford a few sessions.  This is called personal riding lessons with volunteers and he'll be visited by an occupational therapist mid-summer, and then go on to enhanced riding lessons which is more expensive.  His horse is named Gunner and is pretty.  I think either way, he'll still enjoy it and get benefits from it.  They took him around twice and he laughed and smiled the entire time.  So pleased!  He looked so cute in the helmet and on the horse.  I will take better pictures next time.  Now that he is out of preschool for the summer, I hope to find more activities to keep him entertained and stimulated.

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  1. i wanna go....horseback riding is so fun. when you said you hope to find more activities to keep him stimulated- how do you think he'd be at a splash park? you said he doesn't like swimming, right? Do you think he'd like trampolines? We like to go to Jump on it weekly.