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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Preschool and Stuff

This picture is so darling, Carter's preschool teacher emailed it to me.  He sure does love the grass!  He scoots around like a little monkey whenever we go outside.  Hence his pants are starting to wear at the knees and get holes.  So, preschool ends next week for the summer.  I hope that with going on walks daily, doing horse therapy weekly that he will be happy and busy enough.  We've had a few field trips with preschool this summer.  I met his class once to go swimming at The Lions Club, which ended up being pretty difficult with 2 kids on my own.  They weren't happy to wear life vests.  The next outing was to The Children's Garden at Thanksgiving Pointe.  Carter wasn't happy when I got there and soon fell asleep for the remainder of my visit.  Well, at least we got to walk around and Sierra had fun walking around the Noah's Ark water feature.  She didn't want to get in the water though.
Carter had a ct scan of his chest a few weeks ago- his doctors had noticed a cloudiness on one side that was in most of his xrays.  They wanted to wait when he was well and then see how it looked.  He did fine and the results came back okay.  He has some enlarged vessels but nothing too unusual.  We have been somewhat lax about putting on his bi pap at night, but we will get better again.  His sleep has been pretty good, but he does still wake up once or twice just for re-adjustment or comfort.  Carter and Sierra have been interacting a little more which is nice to see.  She is more gentle with him and they play some together.  I caught this picture while we were driving.
Carter has been moving super fast and seems to be looking at me more, and even scoots up to me to say hi.  He is playing more with toys and seems to catch on to how things work fast.  He knows right where things are, like at Grandma's he scoots right to her basket of toys.  He seems to like higher pitched noises and songs, they make him laugh.  This summer will be busy with two new nieces, a wedding, Lake Powell, St. George and more.  So I will try to keep you updated on the madness! 

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