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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Therapy/ Photoshoot/ Zoo

Carter's new vision and physical therapist came and I felt like I already learned a lot from them.  Unfortunately, they will only be with him a few months until he starts preschool.  We kind of moved at a bad time it seems, because his yearly IFSP is coming up plus they have to do transition paperwork just when they are getting to know him.  He did pass the hearing and vision screening with the school district, we are just waiting on the rest of his testing now.  His vision specialist said she thinks he can see pretty good, but still has some delays especially with looking up.  She did think a lot of it had to do with his delayed motor skills.  She is trying to get us to teach him the sign more with things he likes doing to see if he'll communicate to us that he wants more.  We put him in a big blanket and swung him back and forth and kept asking him if he wanted more and tried putting his hands together.  He would either kick his legs or laugh, and at one point he laid down and laughed as if saying 'yes, swing more please!'  I will have to pay attention to his signals because it looks like he is already substituting signs for his own.  His physical therapist wants us to put him up on all fours whenever he is on his tummy so he learns to not just roll out of his stomach position but that he can get up too.  Currently he gets on his knees, almost all fours, and rocks back and forth a lot.  It looks like he'll be crawling here soon.

We went to Gardner Village a week or so ago and took some cute pictures of the kids.  Here are a few I liked.
We also went to the zoo and Carter just loves being in his wheelchair.  He rocks back and forth as if to push it to go faster.  We took the train and got some cute pictures. 
On another note, Carter has been waking up at 5 a.m. and it's been really hard.  He still goes to bed at 8 p.m. but like a little clock he is up by 5 or 6 at the latest.  I am so not a morning person so it's really hard to be positive in the morning.  I sure hope he starts going back to sleep for longer.


  1. Oh you poor girl... that is way to early in the morning. My heart goes out to you from another mom that does not do mornings. That is awesome that he is starting to do some communication. Taylor had her own signs for things too and as she got older we taught her the correct ones but we still use some of the ones she made up. Just go with it. So exciting!!!