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Thursday, August 23, 2012

More Good News

I am so thrilled with Carter!  All of his doctor appointments lately are like a breeze and they are all SO happy with his progress.  His neurologist didn't even spend ten minutes with us because she had nothing to do.  His rehab/pediatric doctor today was beyond happy to see him laughing and smiling.  She looked him all over, reviewed his meds and current status.  Dr. Murphy reported that there was nothing she would change and that she was so pleased.  She congratulated me on my hard work and taking care of him.  It was so nice to hear from a renowned doctor that she wouldn't change anything and was so pleased with him.  It made my day!  I feel I am reaping so many rewards for our hard work last year, and that Carter is being blessed with a body that can move more.  Although he still can't communicate beyond grunting or shrieking or body language, I feel that I know for the most part what he wants or needs. 

She also predicted a long life for Carter because he is so healthy and has no respiratory issues, good lungs and a good heart.  He has no scoliosis or anything wrong with his bones.  She is excited for him to go to preschool in December and get out and be around other kids like him.  There are days I get down thinking of just the negative in life, but right now my heart is bursting and full.  God has truly blessed our family and I am so thankful.  Carter passed his vision and hearing screening with the Jordan School District.  They all thought he was so cute.  He is still scooting, getting up and down, rolling all over, stretching and now turning in every direction.  Good work buddy!!  We love you!  P.S.  Just please don't get over your side rail in bed anymore. 

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  1. Your blog is so fun to read. I enjoy your thoughts and feelings they are so "real", I love that. You are a great mother and yes having a "normal" child is very different. Hang in there with Carter. It is so very frustrating not knowing what they are trying to say. I still don't know what Taylor is saying sometimes. It stinks. Does Carter show any interest in sign language? That has been my biggest help with Taylor. Your family is beautiful and you are a good mom. Everyday brings a new challenge just be ready to face it.