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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

School, Family Pics & Dental Work!

We've been settling into our house, and one of the fun things we bought was a playset for the kids to play on outside.  We still need to get Carter a swing, but in the meantime we've been using hammocks for him.  Each child had their own room, but Sierra has been scared at night, so now she shares a room with Carter.  So far they both have adjusted very well.  Carter started Kindergarten at the Ogden Utah School for the Deaf and Blind campus.  He leaves at 7 (I love his driver) and gets home around 4, except Wednesdays he's home at 1:30.  Long week for a young kid.  They had school pictures last week, so I'll post those when they come in.  The school has already hosted a fun carnival and family day at Cherry Hill, both which we've missed unfortunately.  As soon as they get a swim therapist, Carter will be able to swim weekly as part of his goals.  He's built up his strength again with his walker and wearing his braces.  The teacher and class is new to him, but he seems to be doing pretty well.  They also have a library visit every week and it's all sensory which is great.  His IEP is end of this month, so I hope it goes well.

Carter saw his GI doctor in August for the year, and he was pleased with Carter's growth and health.  We checked some labs to make sure his salt and other electrolytes are fine because all he takes is Pediasure still and water, but they were all normal.  He is now completely off his seizure meds and has been seizure free for over 2 years.  He has gone from 6 to 2 meds in totality, which is awesome.
We've had fun exploring our new home area up north.  We went swimming at the Clearfield Rec Center which all the kids loved.  We also went to the zoo a few times, soaking up that sunshine while we can.
Sierra started preschool at the Head Start in Clearfield, she is doing very well so far.  She goes twice a week from 9:15-12:45.  We are working on flash cards and learning her color/shapes, numbers, letters and more.  She enjoys her teacher and being more independent.  Her teacher visits us twice a month at home for an hour to work on things, and she also has monthly reading groups and father/daughter activities.  During this little bit of free time, Keaton suddenly took off crawling on his own everywhere.  He's also pulling up to kneel and getting into things like a normal kid should.  It's nice to see him catching up.  We've had several birthday parties lately and also a nice visit to Brighton and Silver Lake.  It was a nice Sunday walk to go on.
We had family pictures on my side for the 4th time in 6 1/2 years, because the family keeps growing so fast!  Those pictures are on the right side of the blog.  I was pretty pleased with them.  We had some nice friends give us a special needs trike for Carter.  He's about tall enough to do it on his own, and Sierra loves standing in the back of it.  The grand kids got a kick out of it the other Sunday.  The older ones took turns riding it and others around on the back of it, while others chased after it.  It was like a mini gladiator race, lol.
And this is just a nice photo of my dad with Carter, he loves him so much!
Today, Carter had a dental visit at Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake.  We had to check in at 7:15 to Same Day Surgery, and he went back about 8:40 to receive anaesthesia.  They took xrays, properly cleaned his teeth, put sealants on, a spacer on one side and extracted a tooth on the other side.  It all took around an hour, and when I went into recovery he was kind of waking up and pretty mad.  Poor guy.  I'm sure he has terrible memories of the place, and it's been awhile since he's been there for anything major.  Once I got him home and fed and gave him Ibuprofen, he was a lot happier.  I hope I can keep his teeth cleaner this time around, especially with several permanent teeth in now.  They look so nice and clean now!

Just a shout out, a bit late, to my mom for losing 100 lbs+!  She looks great and is so happy.  

What's Coming Up:  IEP end of October, HALLOWEEN!, vision appointment...
It's Fall!!
Last night, Carter's tooth spacer came out.  Stinker!  So now he has to go back in November to have a crown with a spacer attached to his tooth.  The problem is he's so young but getting his adult teeth, and his mouth is so small.  We'll have to watch his crowns real closely for the next several years to make sure they come in properly.

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