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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Disneyland, Preschool, Horses & Appointment

We were able to go to Disney Land in the middle of May, and had a great time.  We went with my whole family except one of my sisters and her family, and Carter.  After debating how he would do with the long drive and different sleep arrangements and lots of time in the wheelchair, we thought it best to leave him home with his Grandma.  It ended up being a wise choice because Carter had a bad cold that entire week.  We started to get it on our trip unfortunately, but I think we were too busy to notice.  Sierra loved all the rides, she said more after each one.  Ariel and It's a Small World were her favorites.  We saw a couple parades and had lunch one of the days at Ariel's Grotto, where we saw several princesses.  Sierra wore a different princess dress everyday and just ate it all up.  By the third day she was getting tired and a little difficult, and the last day there she had a lot of meltdowns.  Three is still really young to go.  Keaton was such a trooper!  He was so good in the stroller or our arms on the rides he could go on.  There were only one or two things we weren't able to do because of time- Peter Pan was closed which is my favorite.  It rained some two of the days there, thank goodness for ponchos.  We stayed just three miles away in a house that had a pool.  My parents gave us the master bedroom and bathroom since both kids slept in our room with us.  It turned out surprisingly well.  We drove Sunday (Mother's Day) to St. George to sleep overnight and break up the drive, then finished driving to California on Monday.  Had a barbecue and swam and got ready for the next day.  Tuesday was in Disney Land, Wednesday and Thursday in California Adventure and Friday in Disney Land.  Saturday we skipped the beach and drove to St. George to stay overnight again, then Sunday came home.

Upon returning home Carter seemed pretty sick, and got worse fast.  I took him to the pediatrician and he had a bad double ear infection, eye infection and cold.  He also threw up a few times.  With eye drops and antibiotics he got better pretty quick.  But soon I got really sick and Keaton too.  Then Sierra threw up a few times and got an eye infection and sore throat.  We were really sick for a couple weeks, even with antibiotics and eye drops.  It was rough.  Thankfully it was over Memorial weekend so Chris was home for four days to help.  I felt like I had just caught up on laundry from our trip then we were so sick for so long.  My sister brought banana bread, my sister in law dinner one night, my parents dinner twice and a get well basket, a cousin brought a basket of treats and toys, and my in laws brought multiple meals- it helps they live so close:)  I'm so blessed to have such loving family.  I hate seeing my kids sick, especially when there's only so much I can do.  Keaton ended up so dehydrated from his sore throat and ear infection that he had to get fluids at Primary Children's.  Little Keaton has had 3 ear infections in 2 or so months, so he is probably going to get tubes in his ears.  Poor guy inherited my ear problems.  His physical therapist moved, so he'll be getting a new one.

Carter had his last day of preschool last Thursday.  My mom and I went to his classroom with the kids to see his yearbook and talk to the teachers.  He was playing in pudding and got it everywhere!  But he loved it.  It was so nice how much they all liked him and talked about him.  They suggested some summer activities and we shared resources with the other parents.  Carter is loaning a push walker over the summer to help him keep up on his walking.  He got a glow stick, cotton candy and bouncy ball to take him.  One of the high school students who had worked with him all year also bought him a birthday gift.  So nice!  His teacher is moving on so he'll once again have a new teacher next year.  She predicted he'll be ready to mainstream soon, so we'll see.  We have been house hunting online and this Friday we start our official search.  Crossing my fingers and toes we stay close to family, but we'll see.

Carter was able to start back up with horse therapy.  Chris took him and he loved it so much he cried when he had to leave.  He was able to wear a helmet just fine this time.  Our parents and one anonymous donation helped us to get him going again.  They were surprised how big he is, it's been a few years I think.  Chris also celebrated his 29th birthday on Sunday.  We also had South Jordan Days, we had a parade and went swimming.  Then my sister's new baby boy was blessed.  11 grandchildren now for my parents, crazy.  Carter had another yearly appointment today at Shriner's.  I got to take all three kids with me, yay (sarcastic).  I can't do a stroller and wheelchair, so when I'm with all three I have to do a wagon.  It was tricky but it worked.  He had x rays of his hips and spine since last year it was curved a little.  His orthopaedic doctor said it was orthopaedically perfect.   Because he's walking and climbing things now, his spine is straight and hips where they should be.  I'm so glad!  Oh, Carter also lost his third and fourth tooth within days of each other.  He looks a bit homeless now:)
What's next?  Well, getting through the summer:) with horse therapy every week and house hunting vigorously.  Then getting Sierra ready to start preschool and Carter Kindergarten.  We'll still be working on therapy with Keaton.  I love my kids and their different personalities and needs, they challenge me to be a better person.  More loving, kind and patient.  Until next time, adieu!

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  1. Heather, you are such an amazing mother! So patient and full of love! So Christlike. Keep up the good work!