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Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014 in Review

I noticed a lot of people have been writing about their 2014 year, so I thought I'd so the same!  2014 was a good year for us, pretty healthy and no hospital stays!  That is a huge plus for us.  We had our share of colds but nothing serious.  In January I turned 28 and Chris started school at DATC (Davis Applied Technology Center) in Kaysville.  He is in a machinist certification program that will take around 2 years to complete.  Chris works in this area so he already had several years experience and was interested in it.  This is an intense and pretty hard program.  We also sold our Subaru that was having lots of issues and bought a Kia Spectra 5 for the gas mileage for Chris.

In February we had Valentine's Day of course and then celebrated our 5 year anniversary on February 27th.  Chris and I were able to go to Zions and stay in St. George for three or so days in my parents' second home.  It was so nice to be able to get away for longer, although I sure missed the kids!  I was over four months pregnant at this time so we weren't able to zip line like we wanted to.
We had Easter which was fun because the kids got to attend several egg hunts and got new outfits.  Then it was Sierra's 2nd birthday!  We did a Minnie Mouse party.
In May Carter had a sleep study and we found out he no longer needed his bi pap to sleep or oxygen, so that was great news!  I also helped drive my sisters in law home from middle school a few days a week.  In June Chris turned 28, Carter went on summer break and did some annual appointments:  Shriner's for orthopedics, the dentist, and Neurology.  Carter was able to get a one time respite fund from DSPD (Division of Services for People with Disabilities) so we got him an aide through RISE, named Brenda.  I was nervous at first how this would work out, but she was great!  She took him 4 days a week for six hours to give me a break.  By this time I was big pregnant and really struggling carrying him.  In fact, the last month of preschool I had family help get him in and out of his wheelchair for school and my mother in law helped get him into bed at night as well.  She was amazing!
End of June my parents threw their annual Family Reunion/South Jordan Days.  We went to the fair, saw a parade and went swimming.  In July, Chris finished his class so he could be home with me for the baby.  My parents were going to pay for our air fare to go to the annual 1p36 Deletion Syndrome & Awareness Conference, but I couldn't go because of the baby.  My mom had surgery during this time and was recovering.  I was induced the night before I was 39 weeks, since nothing was happening to put me into labor.  In fact, Keaton was breeched for a bit but luckily turned.  I ended up being in labor for 22 hours before having him.  Don't worry, I had an epidural!  It was a long, frustrating process but everything worked out well and he was big!  Keaton Thomas Thorup was born at 6:33 pm on July 15th at 9 lbs 7 oz and 21.5 inches long.  He had a light red hair and was so cute and chunky!  
Chris was able to be home for two weeks from work.  Adjusting to 3 kids is still in progress!  Keaton is a super sweet boy and calm and happy.  We got lucky!  Carter's aide came back until the end of the summer when Carter started school back up.  He got a new teacher, shorter school day, new bus driver and a new school building with lots more room.  We took the kids to the zoo, the Aquarium and Wheeler Farm since we weren't able to do Lake Powell this year.  We got a new nephew named Kayson end of September, and that's about when we blessed Keaton.  Carter had his annual eye appointment and GI.  I had my own 10 year high school reunion with some close friends, mostly Heather's:) at Olive Garden.
In October my brother proposed to his fiancee Nichole- I already blogged about that with a link to the YouTube video.  Over 10,000 views now!  It was also on Fox 13 News.  Halloween was fun, we had a ward trunk-or-treat and made Carter a tractor/train.

In November we got another new nephew, Michael Logan.  We also had Thanksgiving at my parents which was nice and then had family pictures on both sides.  The one was a Christmas surprise for my family with all the grand kids, and the other was family pictures with the Thorup side. The pics are on the right sidebar if you want to see them.

In December Carter turned 5, although we didn't throw a party this year he still got visits and presents.  Then on December 13th Parker and Nichole got married- all 5 siblings are married now!  Then we had Christmas, which was wonderful.

It was a good year, busy and full of fun activities: showers, parties, Sunday dinners, baby blessings, swimming, new baby, appointments, visiting Grandma & friends etc.  Carter is in school and doing great.  He had his aide again for 4 days over Christmas break.  He lost his 2 bottom teeth and grew his adult ones and got a Kid walk this year.  He can stand for 30 seconds or so at a surface with no support.  He went from 5 meds to just three.  Only 1 seizure in the entire year.  He is growing well and got new nighttime diapers which helps:)  We had to have his wheelchair adjusted and get new daffo's because he is growing so big.  He is 75% in height and weight.  Sierra is 2 1/2 and so busy and smart but also a challenge at times.  She loves juice, babies, playing, her blankie, watching Curious George or My Little Pony, and visiting Grandma.  Keaton is now 5 1/2 months and has a helmet to help shape his head.  He can roll and tries to sit up.  This new year Chris is back in school, we will be moving and going to Disney Land in May.  Something always has to change:)  Looking back at this year I can tell how the Lord has blessed us and been mindful of my needs and wants.  I have tried harder at keeping and strengthening family relationships.  Happy New Year!!

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