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Thursday, October 23, 2014


Carter saw the eye doctor and he said his vision is well enough that he doesn't need glasses.  He still is visually inattentive and possibly has cortical visual impairment.  This should help with his IEP which is in a few weeks.  I want him to stay at USDB for Kindergarten if he can.  He also saw GI and he's in the 60-70% for height and weight, can't remember exactly.  But his BMI is almost perfect the dietitian said.  So, I guess we're doing something right:)  Carter has school pictures coming up in November, I like to see how they turn out.  Halloween is also coming, and we are hoping to turn Carter's wheelchair into Thomas the Train.  Pics will be posted of course.

Keaton is 3 months old and loves to try sitting up.  He loves starting at ceiling fans, his siblings, and being kissed.  He still only naps in his swing, if I get him to anywhere else it isn't for very long.  He still wakes up 1-2 times at night.  He had an ultrasound done on his abdomen because when I was pregnant the ultrasound showed white calcifications.  They thought perhaps a gall stone and told me to follow up when he was born.  He had to fast for four hours which was hard because he eats every 2-3 during the day.  Well, it went well and nothing was seen.  I have noticed for a few weeks now that his head is flat on one side, because he favors it.  I tried laying him on the other side or when he was asleep turning his head the other way.  Apparently it wasn't enough, because the craniofacial doctor said he needs a helmet at 4 months old.  He said they wouldn't normally say yes at 3 months of age but he was an 11 so over the norm according to measurements.  His forehead is bigger on one side so it makes his ears uneven.  I'm very bummed about this because it will be right during the holidays.  Carter did fine with his, so hopefully Keaton will too.

Sierra is 2 1/2 and so busy!  She is talking more and putting two to three words together easy.  She loves to say "thank you, you're welcome" and "what you doing".  She loves apples, strawberries, milk, tortillas, chicken, rice and green beans.  We are reading her potty books still and she loves sitting on hers.  But she is still very wet during naps and at night, and doesn't help with dressing or un-dressing, so I'm waiting a little still.  I think her naps are ending soon, because there are days she doesn't take them and just plays in her room.  Part of me is very sad for that, but it means Keaton will be able to nap in the crib soon (I hope).  We are planning on putting Keaton in Sierra's room in the next few weeks.  She is a good sleeper so I just hope they both do fine with it.  I haven't had my kids share a room before.  My kids are early risers and Daylight Savings is coming.  Not excited about that.

We blessed Keaton on Sun, September 28th with family and friends.  He was a good boy and it was a nice day.

Life is busy and stressful and hard and fun as a Mom of three.  Some days I think I'm doing it right, others I think I'm messing it all up.  We went to Wheeler Farm last week and had some fun.
My brother proposed to his fiancee by putting together a lip dub with family and friends.  We practiced for about a month, kept it a secret and came together on Sat, Oct 18th to do it.  Fox 13 News was there and it's now on YouTube as well.  It was a fun experience, there was three mascots there.
Parker's Lip Dub Proposal

Fall is in the air and change is as ever present.  My new mantra is THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

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  1. What a great video. Very fun that you all got to be involved. You look fantastic!