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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Baby!

Keaton Thomas Thorup was born on Tuesday, July 15th at 6:33 p.m.  He weighed 9 lbs 7 oz and 21 1/2 inches long.  I went in Monday night at 8 pm to be induced since the doctor thought it would take awhile.  Well, she was right!  After almost 22 hours of petocin and being in labor he finally came.  The nurses were betting each other that I would end up getting a C section.  Keaton was breached for awhile but turned on his own.  Although he was heads down, he stayed high up.  It took just a lot of time, positioning and petocin to finally get him to move down.  We didn't think he would come down on his own.  The doctor said it was because he was so big, and I'm just glad I didn't have to have a C section.  I only pushed for like 8 minutes and there he was!  We had some pictures done three days later and he cooperated for part of it.  This is just one of those cute shots.

It's been an adjustment having three kids, even with Chris home helping.  Keaton loves being held so not much is getting done but that's alright.  He is pretty easy to calm down and seems to be a good baby so far.  His cry is cute and not too loud or piercing.  Once you've already had kids the shock of how much work and lack of sleep can bowl you right over.  This time we were a little more prepared for it.  Change can be hard even if it's a good thing, so I expect a few months of adjustment before we feel like things are "normal" again.  I've had a few downs so far already because I had planned on nursing the baby.  With Carter I only did a little in the NICU and then pumped for several weeks.  With Sierra I bottle fed right from the beginning.  This was to be a new experience for me, but one I hoped would work.  Unfortunately, the breast feeding did not work out for us.  Keaton latched on great in the hospital but never seemed to get enough.  With being such a big baby, we had to supplement as well.  I hoped once my milk was in it would be enough, but I got so engorged that he never latched on again.  We tried frozen peas, cabbage leaves, warm showers, pumping and a nipple shield but nothing worked.  I know my limits, so we decided to just go with bottles like we did with the other kids.  I talked to several lactation specialists and they said I must just get a ton of milk and immediately get so swollen that nothing can come out.  It was frustrating and painful for a few days.

The other thing about having a baby is post partum depression.  I had it really bad with Carter and some with Sierra.  It's something I know I will probably struggle with, so I have to take it easy on myself and accept all the help I can get.  I love my children, but motherhood has been the biggest struggle in my life.  I hope with time that things will get better.  I'm open about discussing it, and if anyone wants to add their experiences feel free to.  In the meantime, we are a happy and busy family of five.  Sierra is sweet and gentle with Keaton and loves to touch and kiss him.  Carter so far seems a little more stressed out then normal, but otherwise doing fine.  We are lucky to have such a cute little boy added to our family.

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  1. Heather, I am so excited for your new addition. He is adorable. I always struggled with Post Pardon depression so I am a listening ear if you need help. I remember every time I told people the thoughts I was having they thought I was crazy and encouraged me to get help. I was surprised when Dresden came and I was hit with the worst case I had had. I started a second medication and it saved my life. I love you. It does get better. You are strong enough, good enough, and you will get through this.