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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sleep Study/EagleEyes/ Baby

We found out the results from Carter's sleep study, which went great despite him waking up several times crying!  He has no central apnea, didn't snore or obstruct, and his sats were fine the whole time.  I am so pleased!  We still want to keep his bi pap around for the times he gets sick, so we can avoid going into Primary Children's.  But this is another great step for Carter!  

EagleEyes is an innovative eye-controlled technology developed at Boston College, for children and adults with severe physical challenges.  These individuals are most often non-verbal and communication is minimal.  The mouse pointer uses the eyes to follow the location the user is looking at on the screen. Surface electrodes are placed by the eyes and on the head to determine where the eyes are looking.  This system allows non-verbal people to able to communicate for the first time, and act independently as they learn.  I'm not sure if Carter will be a good candidate or not, but we are having him assessed on Friday at Jordan Valley School to see how he does.  To learn more about it visit the website

I have bought a few things for baby but still have more on my list.  We are going to have photos of him taken after he's born.  We want to do one with him in just a tie, and then one in a bucket with a fishing pole.  There are also some cute outfits on Etsy I want to get, and nursing tops.  If anyone wants a hint for a gift:)  I'm 30 weeks 1 day, so 72 days to my due date unless I get induced a week early.

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