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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Oh Baby and More

We found out we are having a baby boy, due July 21st.  I am 18 weeks now, just about 4 months along.  I am still exhausted but otherwise doing fine.  The placenta in the picture is right above baby, so I haven't had luck feeling him move much.  That explains why but I wish I could feel him more.  I was surprised to be having another boy, but it will be fun to pull out Carter's old things and see what will work for a summer baby whereas Carter was a winter baby.  It will be fun to see how Sierra reacts to a baby brother.  I have a feeling she will be able to hold her own JUST fine:)  

Carter is doing great in preschool as usual, and doing a walker everyday in therapy.  I am so glad he is doing well and enjoying it.  It helps he does it while another girl is too.  He is tapering off a med and has no side effects, so that's good to get him off medicines that we can.  He has been a sweetheart and affectionate as usual.

We found out about a month ago that DSPD (Division of Services for People with Disabilities) approved us for a lump sum of respite funds to use within one year.  I had to attend a training today to figure out how that works.  He will remain on the waiting list which is good, and we can even hire whoever we want if they are 16 or older.  I got so much information and paperwork my head is still spinning.  We are getting a significant sum, so I am thinking about how to get this ball rolling.  With Carter in school I would only need it on days off or the summer, especially with the baby coming.  I will welcome volunteers or family that are interested, and if that doesn't work then I'll find agencies that already have trained employees.  We've had an aide come before to help with Carter, but she only came an hour a day and I was never quite comfortable enough with her.  That is why I think family would be great, because they already know him and will get paid to care for him.  I am grateful for the funds and hope we can put them to good use.  I know others that could use it as well, but I can't choose who gets them.

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