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Friday, October 11, 2013

St George, Summer recap & Family Pics

We went to St. George to my parents' second home over Conference weekend, and stayed in the same house all together with my parents, siblings and their families.  We were given the master bedroom which was way nice, so we put Carter in the walk-in closet, Sierra in the bathroom and us in the bedroom.  The nights were predictably rough with Carter, waking up a few times crying and probably scared.  It was dark in the closet, so we turned on a flashlight for him.  Friday night the girls all went to see Mary Poppins at the Tuachan.  It was SOOO cold that we left shortly after intermission.  It's too bad, because the play was the basis for our entire trip.  Saturday morning the guys went shooting, so we could call the trip fair.  Lol.  We relaxed at the house, went to the park where Sierra loved all the slides especially the big ones, then put kids down for naps.  After naps, we walked through Snow Canyon which was beautiful, then the guys went to priesthood and dinner while us girls watched the kids.  We watched Conference when we could with the guys running around everywhere.  Sunday morning we left for home; it was a short but fun trip. 
Carter is still in horse therapy and doing well, he loves it a lot.  He is doing well in preschool, he will stay at USDB until Kindergarten when he is 5.  His teacher loves him and enjoys having him there.  He has been sick already several times, colds and an eye infection.  Right now he has a stomach virus so I hope this doesn't bode ill for our winter.  It usually does.

We have had a busy busy summer.  We had two weddings in the Thorup family, 2 brothers in law got married (finally hehe).  Both of my sisters had baby girls and we attended their baby blessings.  My Grandpa Devey (dad's dad) passed away while my dad was at Lake Powell, peacefully and unexpectedly in September.  We went to Lake Powell and St. George for our vacations.  Carter has been busy with preschool again, horse therapy and physical therapy.  Things are going pretty well and we feel blessed.  The kids are growing and are happy and busy.  Here are some of our family pictures we took recently; more are on the sidebar.

Ta ta for now!

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