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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Life Flighted

So Carter got RSV and a bacterial pneumonia, which landed him in the hospital Monday night.  He had a temp of 104 and was breathing really fast and hard- which is called retracting- so we took him to Primarys at Riverton.  They admitted him and upon visiting him the next day, decided he was again breathing too fast.  They gave him as much oxygen as they could there, and then decided to have him life flighted to the Primary Children's in Salt Lake.  This was the first time we had taken him to Riverton instead, and I guess I learned my lesson ha ha.  I was able to ride with him on the helicopter which was scary but also cool.  It only took 7 minutes to get there and he was taken to the ICU.  They started him on the bi pap and it took until Friday evening to wean him to the cpap.  He has been treated with antibiotics, fluids and oxygen to help him recover.  He is now being transferred upstairs to the floor, which means improvement.  He won't be home for Christmas unfortunately, but we know he is being taken good care of.  And he is improving which is the best outcome. 

We haven't been in the hospital for anything major in a year, so I wasn't too panicked.  I am grateful he didn't need to be intubated and has improved.  It is harder now with my daughter and having to switch between being with kids.  We've had great family and neighbors helping us out and I know many have been praying for him.  They have been felt.  Not only are they still trying to wean him to room air during the day, but we are also still waiting on his bi pap equipment and ventilator.  Since he has been so sick, they won't let us go home until we have it for him at night.  So we wait.  I had a pulmonologist came talk to me about Carter, and she kind of freaked me out.  She told me that kids that need a bi pap at night also end up needing it during the day as well.  So then the decision comes whether he is ok wearing the mask all the time, or if a trache would be better.  They want him to follow up in their bi pap clinic to make sure everything is going well.  Also, while he was at the hospital, they switched out his G Tube button for a smaller size.  My husband has been sick during this time, and also, Sierra started crawling.  So it has been both bittersweet and busy around here.

I am hopeful for Carter coming home later this week, and that he'll be ready for preschool and Primary in January and will have a good healthy year.  I hope as he gets older he will also get stronger.  Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New Year!!


  1. I hope for all those things too! Love my little Carter!

  2. Holy Cow you have had too much going on. I'm so sorry to hear he was sick with RSV. Been there and done that... we only got to ride in the ambulance lol. So glad to hear he is doing so much better. Hang in there you are a super great mom to two of the cutest kids.