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Thursday, November 1, 2012


Carter was the coolest pirate EVER in his ship.  We got the idea online and Chris built the body around his wheelchair from cardboard boxes we had.  So it could come off easily, he cut out holes and used string.  We also stapled some of the tape down.  Then I did the decorating with Grandma Thorup which took hours.  I used electrical tape on the lines to give more depth.  On the front left is a sign I got from Zurkers that says Be Very Afraid.  The front right has a pirate map, compass, and knife with eye patch.  Then the sides we cut out holes for cannons which are black felt paper.  I used a brown marker to make squiggly lines all over to look like wood.  The treasure chest in front was also from Zurkers and had fake coins and jewels in it.  We also used it for his treats!  We got three dowels from WalMart for the pirate flag which we taped on the back of his wheelchair and the back of the boat.  The wheel also came from Zurkers as well as the map, sign, knife, treasure chest and back flag.  The main flag I pulled out of the back of a Pirateology book I had.  Now that this is so awesome, we will probably use everything for his birthday party next month!  There was also some nautical netting on the back- we were going to attach an anchor too but it was too heavy.  We had to make this entire thing to come off, fold up in the car, and then reattach at my Mom's house.
Front right

2 Flags
Front left
Ladybug Sierra


  1. All the time you spent with family building and decorating was work it! It looks spectacular! I am impressed! Such a fun memory you will always have with your mother-in-law!

  2. That is the coolest thing I have ever seen. You are a genius!!! You rock!!