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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Christmas Day 2011
We had a good Christmas this year.  We were able to spend Christmas Eve with my family, which was great because everyone was there including all 4 grand kids.  My brother Parker called from his mission in New Zealand and it was nice to talk with him for a bit. 

Christmas Day we had brunch at my parents which is a tradition my grandmother started, with delicious food.  This was after we opened our own presents at home.  Later that day, we went to visit Chris's family.  We were blessed with a lot of great gifts; Carter got a lot of cute clothes and some toys and books.

The hardest part of the holiday weekend was that Carter is still having his almost daily freak outs.  He will cry for 30-40 min pretty hard sometimes combined with screaming, and we still don't know why, and then he is pretty touchy the rest of the evening.  It makes it hard to go out in the afternoon because we are wary of upsetting him, and any touching when he's in this mood just sets him off all over again.  Unfortunately he had an episode each evening, so it was kind of hard to feel the Christmas spirit and joy for a little bit.  With patience and time, Carter did enjoy parts of the activities and he seemed to enjoy the lights at Temple Square.  We went on Monday since we were so busy up until then. 
Here's to hoping for a good year, full of health and hopefully some developments on Carter's part.  I'm hoping for less appointments and hospital stays, and we are excited to welcome Sierra into our home at the end of April.  MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!  And a Happy New Year!!

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