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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Favorite Nurse

I have to give some praise to my favorite nurse of all time...Beverly Krensky.  She works at Primary Children's Rehabilitation department, where she manages children with neurological conditions. At the University of Utah, Beverly Krensky manages the rehabilitation needs of adults with childhood onset disabilities. This clinic offers continuity between the pediatric and adult rehabilitation systems. She also specializes in spasticity management, offering treatment with oral medications, intramuscular injections of Botox and phenol, and baclofen pump management.

My mom was at the Festival of Trees last year, and talked to a mom with a child in a wheelchair and somehow the name of Dr. Gooch came up.  My mom suggested I go see her, so I did with some hesitation.  I just thought it would be yet another doctor to get confused about, and not get much help.  Beverly is Dr. Gooch's nurse practitioner, and she was so helpful from the get-go.  She is very encouraging, helpful, positive, and most importantly she gets me to the people I need to see.  With her help, Carter has been seen by OT, PT and feeding at the IHC Taylorsville Clinic.  Through that help, Carter has also gotten his very own stander.  She also helped us get in touch with the swimming specialist (who we are still a little iffy on), she facilitated the swallow study that in turn helped us to get the G Tube for Carter.  She also is helping us to get a sleep study done on Carter, among other things.  I love her help and contacts; without her I would be lost.

I will also be finally seeing a wonderful pediatrician thanks to her advice.  I have really struggled with our pediatrician because he is young and busy, and has no clue about Carter's syndrome.  Because of Beverly, Carter has gotten into the people he really needed to see and we got a lot done.  Since he has gotten his G Tube, he has already gained 2 pounds in less than a month.  At our appointment today I had some concerns about his diet, so she instantly had a dietitian come to talk to me.  She gets things done, gives you the information and numbers you need, while remaining informed and supportive.  I appreciate her hard work, her dedication and love.  I am sure she will be a part of Carter's life for some time now, and I'm so glad he has such a wonderful nurse to take care of him.  She helps keep us ahead of the game and prepared for what is to come.


  1. I bet that is a nice feeling to have someone who helps that much. A real blessing. :)